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Interested in a Position at Sweet?

Sweet is always interested in hiring qualified behavior consultants, music therapists, recreational therapists, and direct support professionals (DSPs)! Working at Sweet is unlike working at other providers in southern Indiana because of our approach. Everyone who works at Sweet is treated as an independent professional and given the freedom to work as creatively as possible to help our clients achieve their goals. These professionals decide their own caseloads, set their own schedules, and create the best therapeutic approach to each client.

Although our behavior consultants and therapists operate in an independent manner, they always have access to colleagues and the directors at Sweet for input and guidance to their work. While our behavior consultants, therapists, and DSPs are given independence, they are not paid as independent contractors. 

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Boy Sitting on Grass

Rec Therapists, Music Therapists, and Behavior Consultants

Recreational and music therapists must hold a bachelor's degree or similar certification in their respective fields. Behavior consultants must hold at least a master's in either clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, or another applied health service area of psychology; special education; social work; counseling; or have a master’s degree in a human services field and be able to demonstrate to the BDDS behavior management committee that the individual has either coursework in or five (5) years of experience in devising, implementing, and monitoring behavior support plans.  Those with master's in applied behavior analysis and board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) are highly preferred. 

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)

Sweet is a special place for DSPs.  Both the president and chief operations officer were DSPs themselves for years.  They both have a close understanding of the work and have created a program from scratch that fixes what always bothered them.  There is no overtime at Sweet.  No 16 hour shifts without certainty that another staff member might show up.  No rushed, useless trainings that leave you without any idea how to actually do your job well.  No administrators that think of clients as profits and not people. 


Sweet doesn't tell you how much we value DSPs here; we show you. We match up DSPs with clients that share their same interests.  In addition, we trust our DSPs to work with clients and/or their loved ones to create their own schedules without micromanagement.  We have absolute confidence in our DSPs to do their jobs and do them well by providing them with all the tools and support they need. We don't just hire "bodies to fill shifts." Instead Sweet makes careful hires of compassionate, independent advocates and allies of the disability community that do everything possible to promote true inclusion. 

DSPs must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma. They also must have valid drivers license, smartphone/tablet/laptop (for electronic documentation, and a vehicle for community visits. We prefer that our DSPs have previous experience in carework, but we train from the ground up! Our DSP training program is like no other in Indiana.  In addition to hands-on training in care skills, all of our DSPs receive training on disability history, ableism, disability rights, true inclusion, the Mandt System, American Heart Association CPR/First Aid, Person-Centered Planning, and the Medicaid Waiver. Our DSPs are given the tools to make radical change in the world and destroy barriers to inclusion!


Please note that because our training is so in-depth, it requires all candidates to commit to at least one week of training upon hire.  Some training can be done remotely, but some cannot.  

How to Apply

If you are interested in a therapist, DSP, or behavior consultant position and are qualified, please read the job description by clicking on the button below for the position.  After you read it, complete an application by clicking on the button below, and send your resume to You can also stop by one of our offices and pick up an application to complete.


If you prefer to download, print, and email the application, click on the PDF icon below to do so. 

Direct Support Professional Job Description
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