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Staff Documents

Please see below for a copy of our personnel policy, training related materials, and other documents. 

[Alt text for picture below: Picture of man in his 20s with short brownish red hair smiling broadly at the camera.  He is holding an acoustic guitar and wearing an orange thermal knit shirt. ]

Personnel Policy

Click on the icon below to download our personnel policy that most folks refer to as our "Employee Handbook."

Caucasian man in his twenties with short reddish hair.  Smiling at the camera and holding a guitar.

[Alt text for picture below:  rectangular black and white button with a power fist on it.  Inside the power fist is a wheelchair accessibility symbol with the person in the wheelchair holding up their fist.  It says "Support Disability Rights" below the chair.]

Power fist with a wheelchair symbol in the middle and text that says Support Disability Rights.

Building a Healthy Foundation: Supplemental Material

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

AccelTrax Instructions and Documentation Policy for DSPs

Documentation Policy

AccelTrax Instructions

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