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Established in 2005, Sweet Behavior, LLC’s mission is to provide clients with the best in behavior supports and music therapy under the Indiana Home and Community-Based Services Waiver program in Southern Indiana. We at Sweet Behavior, LLC understand the needs of clients and families receiving services through this program. Our focus is to provide those supports and therapies to maximize client abilities, promote inclusion and access in the community, and increase each person's quality of life to its fullest potential. 


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Now Hiring

Board Certified Music Therapists and Recreational Therapists!

 Our team is made up of committed people who do their best to improve the lives of clients everyday. We are looking for more people who share this work ethic and dedication. 

For behavior employment inquiries: Lisa Crawford lormansweetbc@gmail.com
*Board Certification for Recreational Therapists required

For music therapy employment or internship inquiries: Ellen Ricks ellentrammel@gmail.com

For recreational therapy employment inquiries:  Lillie Conklin

Our New Music Therapy Clinic

Located at 220 E Court Ave. Jeffersonville, IN 47130

We have a music therapy clinical space. The instruments are tuned and ready to play! Ask your music therapist about having sessions the Sweet Behavior MTC.