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Tony Sweet

 Owner and President 

Sweet Behavior is a small company with offices in Jeffersonville and Ferdinand, Indiana. We currently provide music therapy, behavior supports, recreational therapy, and other community supports for children and adults with developmental disabilities in 40 counties in southern Indiana. We serve folks on both the Family Supports Waiver (FSW) and the Community Integration Habilitation (CIH) Waiver.


Because of our size, we are able to explore innovative approaches to our work that larger companies cannot. Although we are considered little compared to other providers, the experience of our employees is far from miniscule. Our employees have an average of fifteen years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.




Sweet Behavior resolutely believes in the disability right’s creed: “Nothing about us without us.” Clients and their loved ones drive services at Sweet Behavior and their input is considered fundamental to everything that we do.

Music Therapy
Behavior Support Services

Music therapy is a service where people use music to work on different skills based on their individualized wants and needs.  A music therapist might help a person express their emotions by playing an instrument or writing songs together.  A person might also work on improving their muscle strength or hand and eye coordination by playing an instrument.  However, you don’t have to play an instrument to get music therapy.  A lot of people sing or just listen to music in their music therapy sessions. Music therapy is for all ages, not just for kids!

Behavior support services help people understand and deal with their emotions and feelings.  Sometimes people get mad, sad, or stressed out and they don’t understand the reasons that make them feel that way. When someone doesn’t understand his or her emotions, it can make it difficult to pay attention at home, school, or work.  Our behavior consultants at Sweet Behavior work with the clients, their loved ones, and other team members to come up with an individualized behavior support plan that outlines the reasons why a person may be experiencing certain emotions, how to react in a supportive manner to assist them, and ways to prevent the behavior from ever occurring in the first place.  The idea behind a behavior support plan is not to control, but to assist the client to process difficult and challenging emotional reactions.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy is a service where a recreational therapist works with a person to meet his or her personal goals through different leisure activities.  For example, if a person has a goal to get healthy, a recreational therapist may go with them to go swimming or go to a park to play basketball.  Recreational therapy isn’t just about physical health, though. Recreational therapists also work with clients on their psychological health and wellbeing though leisure. For instance, let’s say a client has a goal to make more friends.  To work on this goal, the recreational therapist might go with the person to an art class in the community or go to a music concert.  Recreational therapy is about being active and reaching goals by having fun doing things you like. 

Community Support Services: Coming Soon!

Sweet Behavior will soon be offering PAC, respite, structured family caregiving services, community habilitation, and non-24/7 residential habilitation services.  Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the Community Supports section under the “Our Services” tab at the top of this page for videos explaining what exactly these services are and how we are taking a different approach focused on true integration



Main Office

220 E. Court Ave 

Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Ferdinand Office

530 Main Street

Ferdinand, IN 47532

New Albany Office

115 East Spring Street, Suite 500A

New Albany, IN 47130

Telephone: (812) 725-1665


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