Our Music Therapy Team


Ellen Ricks, MT-BC

Director of Music Therapy, Board-Certified Music Therapist

Ellen Ricks is a graduate of the University of Louisville where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Music Therapy. She completed her internship in the Music Therapy Clinic at the University of Louisville. Ellen has experience with a variety of populations, including early childhood, children and adults with autism, genetic disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders, dementia and end of life care. During her undergraduate career, Ellen studied abroad in Katowice, Poland, where she studied music therapy, art therapy, drama therapy and general music studies as well as cultural implications in music therapy. She is an active member of the American Music Therapy Association Students, serving in 2013 as the Vice President. In her free time, Ellen enjoys running, traveling, shopping and being with her family.  


Holly Hankin, MT-BC

Clinical Coordinator, Board-Certified Music Therapist

Holly Hankin is a music therapist from the Cincinnati, Ohio area. She received her Bachelor's in Music Therapy from the University of Louisville and became board-certified in 2016. As a music therapist, Holly focuses on client abilities and preferences to meet the individual’s needs. Clinically, Holly has provided music therapy services for individuals from a variety of populations, including children and adults with autism, acute and long-term care patients, individuals with genetic disorders, children and adults with emotional and behavioral disorders, and older adults with dementia. She has worked in both clinical and home settings with groups and individuals of all ages. Her principle instruments are guitar, piano, and voice, but she often incorporates percussion instruments, dulcimer, xylophone, and ukulele into the work that she does with clients. Outside of work, Holly enjoys travelling, spending time with family and friends, learning new languages, playing volleyball, and going to concerts. 

Harris Gardner, MT-BC
Board-Certified Music Therapist

With a foundation in bluegrass and country music, Harris has been a session and touring musician for over 10 years. He holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing from Clemson University, a Music Therapy Equivalency degree from Charleston Southern University and a Harmony and Counterpoint specialty certificate from Berklee School of Music. He completed his medical music therapy internship through Norton Healthcare, spending nine months at Norton Audubon hospital. For the last two years Harris has worked as a program coordinator for a local company providing care for kids that are medically fragile. During this time, he was able to establish and implement a music therapy program for over 200 kids across the state of Kentucky.