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We provide a variety of services from behavior support, music therapy, and recreational therapy.  If you or your loved one is in need of services, your initial contact person for behavior services is  Lisa Crawford at (502) 216-9391 ([email protected]).  Your initial contact person for music therapy is Ellen Ricks at (859) 699-9491  [email protected] .  Your initial contact person for recreational therapy is Lillie  Conklin at (405) 996-0471 [email protected].   All general questions or comments can be directed to Lisa Crawford or Tony Sweet at (812) 989-7734 ([email protected]).

If you or your loved one is already receiving services with one of our professionals, you can contact them via email (listed below).

Behavior Consultants

Lisa Crawford:  [email protected]

Blair Gunnels: [email protected]

Carrie Mann:  [email protected]

Tyler McGowen: [email protected]

Travis McGowen: [email protected] 

Charlie Stevenson: [email protected]

Jeremy Sweet:

Marlene Thacker:  [email protected]

George Throne:  [email protected]

Music Therapists

Ellen Ricks: [email protected]

Harris Gardner: [email protected]

Recreational Therapists

Lillie Conklin: [email protected] 

Susan Cunningham:   [email protected]

220 E Court Ave, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Office Location 

 220 E. Court Ave.

Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130